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Fantasy about Zack submitted by omari from new york

My main man Zack da reason i paid to get on DaPound y'all need to bring that nigga back he a real ass fukkist not a porn star..His dick gaMe and everything his CRITERIA ..Bring that nigga back and ILL SPEND SOME MONEY WIF Y'ALL.

Fantasy about Zack submitted by omari from new york

Me and Zack been boys for a minute and i didn't know dude get down. We hang out on a regular smoking and drinking . He has his shawdty and i be doing me. One day i was surfing the web and came across DaPound and the shit freak me out. I see mad heads with tite bodies and big ass dick fucking sucking getting down and shit and i get bugged. I was like a kid in a candy store. So i told myself yo if i eve getting into this porn shit ima rock wif tha dawgs cuz they what this shit should be low no soft niggas yada. Shit happen nuthing going on in da hood so i remember da Pound and i call them up to see if they auditioning and some nigga name Trey told me to cum down to 123 st and morningside. i hop on the 1 train down there to a lil studio apt on west side swagging like im in da industry and shit. I met Trey and he introduce me to tywoodz and say your audition is with this nigga. I told Trey ima top though he said' u wanna make money or what' Yo Tye mad sexc as hell so in my mind im saying fukkit ima try this nigga out..Yo we hit it off right away and this nigga whipp out a caramel dick and i was sucking on that shit man i look up to make sure he was feeling it and he was pushing his piece in ma throat and holding my head..dawgs was feeling my head game for a first time. Trey walked in and said Tye hard to please and you making him hold onto u u got some head skills lets see ya dick and azz game. I told Trey im ready and he bringz iN this nigga Zack. Im bugged out seeing this nigga up in here im like yo u get down Z nigga starting laughing saying he on the site already . i was already naked and Z got out his clothes and told me yo all the time we was chilling he been wanted to fuckz with me. i said werd he pulled out his 10" and stared my 11' and say so whats good homie..we both wanna do tha do we getting paid to no time Z was on my pipe sucking back and forth slurping that shit like was alone my pipe was rocked up in no time i pulled his head back a lil and tapped his face with it and made him sniff I pulled his ass up and spread them legs and staing sucking that nigga fat dick the way i be getting off with chicks and he was thumping my throat in no time i took that shit up to his ballz and let go and do it again till dat pre was coming out.. Z was moaning lie he was about to i pulled back da nigga sprayed me with sum hot ass juice . i daid turn over nigga i want some of your azz . Trey and Ty was standing there couldnt belive what was going on in audition... PT2 to follow

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