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Fantasy about Tye submitted by james from d.c.

I'm sorry Dawgpound only used this brother in one clip as he has the phatest, prettiest pussy lookin' ass on this site!! That ass is so sweet looking! I'd like to get him on his back right on the edge of the bed so that red pussy is hanging right over the edge, and then bring over two chairs and put one of his feet in each chair...so his thighs are spread wide. Then I'd get on my knees on the floor between his thighs, and burry my face in that phat pussy and suck on that hole until he is wet. Then I'd stand up, lube up my red dick, and slide it into that wet pussy...while his feet are still in the chairs. I'd fuck him hard so I could hear that pussy clap on my dick while my nuts slap agains that phat ass, making it jiggle. Oh yeah, and all this would be done with a mirror on the side.

Fantasy about Tye submitted by Jordan from Trenton

DAMN!! Dat nikka Tye know how to pack sum dick. Dat nikka's ass is so round, phat and juicy. He can get it anytime as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to see Tye get tag teamed by Double R and Tank. Maybe sum DP action...Tye look like he could take madd dick in dat hole!!

Fantasy about Tye submitted by Miguel from Jersey City

DAMN! Where should I start about that fine, yellow-ass boy TYE?!?! I'm mad that Daddy Deezel ain't smell, suck or play with Tye's pretty ass, light-skinned yellow FEET! Those were the prettiest feet I've seen on a nigga by far. I'd slowly take off his sneakers, then socks. I'd smell the shit out of those soles & toes. I'll make him jerk my dick with them shits!!! Then, I'll take my hard dick & shove it up his fuckin' ass while those sexy feet are in the air like "NIGGA, WHAT? Shut the fuck up! Take it! SHUT THE FUCK UP!"... Please get some fine thug like Slim Thug to massage those feet of Tye's & kill his booty trap!

Fantasy about Tye submitted by james from D.C.

Damn! Not only is the bruh phyne in the face, but he got a phat ol red pussy!!!!!!! I like to be watchin the game with my boys, and while we watching the game, we takin turns runnin up in that phat pussy....see who can make it jiggle the most.

Fantasy about Tye submitted by frank from atlanta

you have to bring back that kat Tye with the phat, round, juicy booty who bottomed for Daddy Deezel....I have not seen an ass that phat in a while...he can take some dick too. I would love to pound that big yella ass any day.

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