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Fantasy about Tower submitted by Ran from Detroit

Sitting here alone and thinking about the due I would love to make love to when suddenly a knock comes at the door. I wonder who it iz I say to myself. I open the door and to my surprise stands Tower! the man that I was JUST day dreaming about. he grabs me and start kissing me feverishly as I return the favor. The door closes and we end up on the sofa, lips locked and hands exploring every inch of our bodies. Mine over his and his over mine. Feeling that stiff dick of his I began to massage it in his pants until I can't stand it. I stand him up and unbuckle his belt, letting his pants fall down to the floor below his ankles. Standing in front of me all of his 6ft 1 frame with a hard dick pointing for me to take it in my mouth and oblige. I began to suck it up nd up until the head disappears and touches the back of my throat. I hear him moan in delight as he begans to say to me softly.."yea suck it babe" I suck it slowly, all the way up again and then all the way down to the base and let it PLOP out like a sucker. Holding my head deep on his dick he begans to fuck ma face faster and faster as I reach to undo my belt. Suddenly, he steps back from me, raises me off the floor, and remove my clothes as I return the favor. Standing naked in front of each other we embrace and began to pick up where we left off. I began to lay on the sofa as he straddles me and feeds me his big long sliding dick in my mouth. Faster I suck and the faster he pumps while my fingers massage his swollen balls and teases the opening of his solid firm brown ass. he moas as my finger goes inside just a little to make him give me what we both need. I can feel his dick head swelling in my mouth as he moans louder and fucks my face harder. Jackin me off, I can feel the pleasure of his strong hands bringing me to that final conclusion as he shoots his load into my wanting mouth and his hands grapple my hard dick and allow the massive cum juices to flow between his fingers. Again a knock at the door, I awake off the sofa and answer it.. who was it? The Pizza Man damn!! What a dream!

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