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Fantasy about Mason submitted by Big "L" from Roanoke, Va

While at the community pool on a hot day, I'm getting a text message from a long time friend when suddenly Mason comes up, wants a cigar and a drink. While a conversation began, I start to notice that big bulge between his legs. We go back to my apartment He catches me looking, starts rubing my leg, he pulls out that monster cock. I start slowly swallowing it and after a while, he shoves that huge tool in my ass, all 12-plus inches. He fucks me so hard that we both came allmost together. The difference, he pulls out of my ass and shoots several huge loads right down my throat.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by Herb from Texas

Get Mason back! Y'all had an introducing which was so hot & then he never came back! He was so fine! I would have slammed dat ass so hard and got it raw red mmmÂ…

Fantasy about Mason submitted by federico from los angeles

Spend a night with Mason, enjoying his foot-long stick deep inside me, kissing his luscious lips and hugging his hot, lean body. Maybe you can pair him with Obsession.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by Scotty from Ruston

I would love to cuck masons uncut dick venom sucked my nipples

Fantasy about Mason submitted by jason from Grand Rapids, MI

man I would love for Mason to cum in my mouth and piss down my throat

Fantasy about Mason submitted by michael from washington d.c

Every time I look at that body of his and that sexy ass face I get wett. I just want to have his children.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by Marcus from LA

Watch Mason play basketball, sniff his used underwear and suck his sweaty balls, want him to slap his dick on my face, rape my lips and punish my hungry hole til I beg him to stop as he bang deep into my tight sorry ass

Fantasy about Mason submitted by JAMES from NYC


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